Flying a la carte

Mid-March, and we're ahead of schedule, with all the accomodation booked and the timetable sorted, at least based on winter timings. The bus times to Kirkwall airport may not quite suit us, but with one adventurous bound we have, potentially at least, dodged the problem by securing a quote for an air charter.

Apparently Loganair supplement their government subsidy for running a flying bus service around Orkney's many and varied islands by allowing their planes to be hired by the hour. They even provide a pilot. Unfortunately the (unsubsidised) price is more than double the scheduled air fare, so the novelty and prestige factors have to play heavily to make it worthwhile. Not to mention the opportunity to prod the captain in the back with a deep-fried Mars bar and demand to be taken to Cuba. For the sugar-cane trains, of course.

Provisional soundings with the team have produced a range of responses from enthusiastic to not bothered. Democracy can be a real pain sometimes.