2008 - Mission accomplished

Well, we’re back, in one piece and with all objectives achieved. Weather could have been better, but then again could have been worse. We are now all officially certified, if only with regard to completing the route of the world’s shortest scheduled flight. It was the main highlight of the trip, others being seeing the Old Man of Hoy close up, experiencing the deep peace of a Thurso shoreline on a fine afternoon, and glimpsing otters on two occasions (in the harbour of said Thurso and in Loch Alsh between Kyle of that Ilk and Skye). The breakfast at Miller’s House, Stromness was very fine too, and the walk along the main street unique. I could go on, and will do in due course on the main sleeper pages.

I’ll quit this log while I’m winning, or at least on a scoring draw. If you’re interested, the smart money is on Ireland next year. Watch this space...

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