Convergent views for a change

As it happens (and much to the relief of the author) there is general agreement that the Darjeeling at Leisure tour planned for February 2011 has all the elements required for a successful trip. As well as the two-day charter to Darjeeling and the evening dinner charter, there are opportunities for additional rides on the service trains and general pootling about in the town and its environs, something missing from the more expansive, and expensive, tours. The Delhil railway museum and the Kolkata tram charter and river excursion give the tour additional variety. However, what secures the Chairman's vote is the opportunity to ride on an elephant and look down on the membership from some considerable height. Why this is an attraction has not yet been explained to our satisfaction.

All that remains is to work out why the dates of the trip don't line up with the stated days of the week. Perhaps some sort of initiation test?