All Sorts of Success

After detailed statistical analysis of the results of Phase 1, Phase 2 of the Tasks was authorised. This time the safety of Our Leader was ensured in a different manner. An additional candidate would attend Phase 2, programmed to act as a human sacrifice to attract, deflect and/or absorb any potential harm or misadventure, thus shielding Our Leader from any possible ill-effects. Again a clamour of applicants resulted, including two with medical conditions which might otherwise exclude them from the necessarily physical nature of the Tasks.

However the chosen one was a well-decorated and more-or-less able-bodied volunteer, whose Frank bravery was rewarded by surviving the ordeal apparently unscathed. Whether any long-term effects will emerge only time and careful, thorough, fee-earning surveillance by our medical officer, will tell.

The record of achievement is here. Not surprisingly, Our Leader’s attendance for the full duration of the examination ensured its complete success. In recognition of His presence the Welsh Highland Railway laid on a special attraction, in the form of a bridge on which to lay the track, with real wooden sleepers to fix it to. This taxed the team’s computational ability to the limit, and just a tad beyond. The Chairman’s contribution was such that parts of the track were laid not once, not twice, but three times. Indeed it was not until the following Tuesday that the rest of the track over the bridge was considered to have been laid to the same standard.

The other Tasks were completed with effortless ease, and throughout the entire period of the trial the sun shone on all around. It was awesome just to have been there, let alone participate. Such leadership!