The Tasks

Item 2 on the agenda was the choosing of suitable gentlemen-in-waiting to accompany Himself. Clamour for places began as soon as the epic scale of the adventure was proclaimed to the membership. It was clear that a rigorous and dispassionate selection procedure would be required, in which the ability to supply financial sweeteners would be a (relatively) small factor. After a freewheeling brainstorming session a set of Proving Tasks were devised and deferentially submitted for approval:

Task One: Lay at least four track panels on the Welsh Highland Railway,

Task Two: Traverse the full length of the Festiniog Railway (in both directions) without the use of supplementary oxygen, and

Task Three: Buy a round (Full Beer, no halves, spirits or shandy permitted) for Team members at Spooner's Bar, Porthmadog Station.

As an alternative, and for favoured candidates only, membership can be sought by submission of a packet of crisp, new £20 notes in a brown envelope, for inspection by Our Chairman and Team Leader. He regrets applications cannot be returned.