A second Second Front

The success of the first advance on the second front led inevitably to a return to the Ravenglass stronghold, this time with a team hand-picked using only two fingers. As well as Derek the well-named Dog we had Thomas the Deaf Dog and two fine Rhodesian Ridgebacks for company. For a while on the Saturday we began to wonder if they were the more intelligent ones, as they trotted around having a good time while we pointlessly moved a point from point A to point B, and a little while later moved it laboriously back again.

However good breeding won out in the end and the realignment was successfully completed. An innovative labour-saving technique was used to bodily propel a complete track panel from point C to point D (adjacent to point A). To protect the patent no more can be said at this time, apart from a hint that a spare wagon might have been involved. Another innovation, for SMRS at least, was a hot lunch served al fresco on the platform at Dalegarth. Next day the weather forced us inside the new and well-appointed cafe/gift shop for Sunday lunch at a communal table. As someone said, just like school dinners.

Some photos are