High summer in the Highlands

August 2008 was notable for at least two things, the amount of summer rain that fell on England, Wales and at least parts of Scotland, and another training expedition to Snowdonia. The same team was fielded, with no tactical or injury substitutions. The whisper was that if we worked all week we might complete, at least nominally, the main section of track between Caenarvon and Porthmadoc. Regrettably some were taken in by this subterfuge, and put in more hours than was good for them, becoming slightly overtrained as a result.

Predictably, the formal joining of the track never took place, with various excuses floated about the need to perform various complex alignments, re-curvatures and ballasting manoeuvres before the final cut could be made. Nonetheless a golden spike was produced, and duly spiked ‘twixt rail and sleeper. Probably only gold-painted steel, but the thought was there.

Some photos are