Little and often - just what the doctors ordered

It is common knowledge amongst masters of extreme sports that the process of acclimatisation should not be rushed. Limited exposure over a period is preferred, allowing the body to slowly get used to the new conditions. Hence our return trip to the Kasturi tonight, to take in a little more of the local Indian atmosphere and culture, not to mention the food.

Unfortunately the Chairman was not able to attend, due to symptoms that bore a passing resemblance to altitude sickness. To compensate, the six of us ate for seven, and also polished off the business agenda with speed and efficiency.


d talking of atmosphere, two of our party graced the occasion by appearing in national costume. And no sweatshop products either - only the finest Accrington handiwork passed their stringent quality control standards.

Strictly speaking it was Pakistani in design rather than Indian, but the proprietor of the establishment gave it his approval non the less. Regrettably none of the rest of the party expressed interest in following suit at the third, and probably final, cultural adaptation event in early February.