A Result of Sorts

Photographic evidence of the examination in progress is here. It can be seen that neither candidate succeeded in Task Two, although naturally no blame can be adduced to Our Leader. Pressing matters of State compelled him to return to his Office of Revenue in downtown Bootle, to take personal charge of a situation threatening to damage the nation’s financial well-being. Heroically, he insisted on completing Task Three before we departed.

As for the legal advisor, he was all but disqualified at the start for inappropriate use of alternative-gender clothing, namely a pair of nylon insulating undergarments. He was dismissed from the Presence after the first day, when an on-site risk assessment revealed his many and varied customer service skills would go untapped. He returned home early in disgrace, under sentence of riding a motorcycle for almost the whole of the next day, the better to learn the error of his ways. A brown envelope is awaited.