Another step forward

Another major milestone was achieved today, as six of the selected seven attended a briefing meeting by Darjeeling Tours. It was probably not accidental that it was held at a railway location, to be precise in the Severn Valley Railway museum at Kidderminster.

After a general session common to all tours, we were split up into our respective tour groups and given a personal briefing by our tour leader. The subjects discussed included such vital topics as visas, passports, money, visas, food, drink, clothes, and of course visas.

The meeting also gave us the opportunity to discuss an extension to the trip, to experience the delights of the Nilgiri rack railway to Ooty. Five of the seven have since signed up, with the other two going off on their own to gild the equilateral lily around the Golden Triangle.

Afterwards we refreshed ourselves with a trip on the adjacent railway, after fighting our way past what appeared to be a slightly excessive number of staff on the platforms of both departure point and destination. Perhaps they were trainees, learning amongst other things the vital skill of watching other staff members putting up the Christmas decorations. Meanwhile the station cat, who no doubt had seen it all before, curled up on top of a barrow and nodded off.

Some more pictures are