The 2012 subject was 'Wagons and wagon loads'.

The rules were:

1) The entry should be either:

a) at least three proprietary wagons, each with a different load, or

b) at least one scratchbuilt or kit-built wagon with load(s).

2) Entries can be in any scale or gauge.

3) All loads must be scratchbuilt.

4) The wagons should be displayed on a short length of track.

5) The entry should include a short description of:

- the modeller's name,

- the wagon type(s),

- the load represented, and

- the method of construction.

Competition winners 2008 - 12:


Scratch-built wagons and/or loads: Three wagons with shed components & tools in 7/8ths scale (Derek Pratt)


Rolling stock with five or more axles: Weathered kit of coal hutches and carrier in 16mm scale (Derek Pratt)

Animated model in any scale: Overshot water wheel in 00 scale (Frank Parkinson)

A model of Monsal Dale station in any scale: 00 model (Frank Parkinson)

2ft x 1ft 00 layout module: Canal with horse-drawn narrow-boat (Frank Parkinson)

Details of the 2013 competition are