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My story started a couple of weeks ago. I was told that my Boss & General Manager of the Railway was going to feature in a children’s TV programme and that I would be needed for the three days of filming. The programme was to be filmed for one of the BBC’s Channels for children. The programme will be called ‘My History’ and featured Trevor and one of his grandchildren. The idea for the programme is basically looking at their family history and what they did.
I was asked to report a bit early to get the engine ready on the Monday morning. I really didn’t know what to expect apart from that I was going to do 3 days guarding instead of learning to drive my steam locomotive. Also it added some challenges to the signal box where control is based to arrange our train movements and cameras alongside the daily timetable. We got ready for the arrival of the film crew and for our first run on the Monday morning and eventually set off for Dalegarth. We filmed from on the train in the form of remote cameras on the footplate and the film crew on one of our open coaches, supported also by other members of the film crew at various locations along the route. We spent the rest of the day at Dalegarth filming entering and leaving the station, turning the engine on the turntable, every angle, every shot from near to far away was covered. At the end of the day we returned to Ravenglass after a pleasant if long day in the sun not doing a great deal.
The second day started again as I prepared the engine for the day’s filming. The rest of the filming would take place in the Ravenglass station area. To start, the film crew darkened the signal box with black out curtains, then for what seemed strange to me, installed a big bright light to light it. Then the rest of the morning was taken up with close up interviews in bright sunlight, but strangely a bright light was again used to light up the scene. All this was being done to the amusement of passengers on the railway. In the afternoon the departure scenes were filmed, this after we had already done the arrival scenes. Everything about the process of making TV programmes seemed back to front, but I was assured that it would be fine after a visit to the cutting room floor. It had been a long day, to prepare the engine and for it just to travel about the Ravenglass Station limits with lots of hanging about.

The Third day would be much along the lines of the second with lots of hanging around. The whole day seemed a bit bitty, but basically getting all the bits that they hadn’t got or gotten wrong. The intensity of filming was quiet something for a programme that will last no longer than 15 minutes. I’m not sure what it must be like making a film. I learned a lot about how to make a TV programme and ended up allowing my image rights to be broadcast and all this without a Winnebago trailer to while away the time between shoots. No seriously, it was an interesting and a nice change to shovelling coal and polishing brass.