Some of you may recall being seconded by our Medical Officer to assist/advise Shaun Finucane with the dismantling of a layout from his loft in Lynton Road in readiness for its removal to its new home in a basement on the other side of town. Frank Parkinson has prepared this note about 'Whither Westcott' and the move to its new location.
Stacks Image 1778
'I have been lending Shaun a helping third hand in the layout's resurrection, which has not been without its trials and tribulations. The layout was in a loft space about 10' by 10' and is now to be housed in a long cellar/basement area some 30' long by 7' wide, as shown in this picture which shows a general view of the space now available.
Therein lays the first challenge - fitting a rectangular layout into a long corridor area with a large alcove halfway down its length. The alcove to the right will house the excellently modelled quarry site. The quarry buildings and site are presently sealed up in what faintly resembles a coffin to the right of the picture.
Stacks Image 1903
The second picture shows us halfway down the room, and as can be seen, the projecting nib walls to either side meant having to cut out recesses into the prospective boards and will involve later slewing of the trackwork. The hazard taped pipework running across the room is a gas main that would have been far too costly to move, so you quickly learn to duck under! With tongue only lightly placed in cheek, Shaun says it may one day be disguised as a high level but elaborate viaduct (phase 99?).
Stacks Image 1906
The third picture takes us down to the far end of the room and to another useful alcove area. This has an infill board which will allow a track to run through a portal cut through the wall and runs on into the workshop next door. In the foreground can be viewed the canal area (a personal scenic favourite of mine). Much more development has gone on since this item was drafted and I will keep you updated (with the editor's permission) on the project's progress. Better still if you would like to experience the development first hand come and join us, you will be welcomed with open arms.'