On Saturday 7th April a number of Club members made an excursion to take in the delights of the York Model Railway Exhibition. Hilary writes:
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'On a fine Saturday morning Tony, Terry, Peter, Frank, Joe, John, Keith and myself set off at an ungodly hour to the dark place over the border (known as York) carrying sufficient provisions to sustain an army. Four roast chickens, three quiches, fifty sausages, the same number of sausage rolls, crisps, salad, ham sandwiches, cakes, chocolate mousses and 6 bottles of our fine English wine. A flurry of excitement started when boarding as seats were at a premium, luckily we managed to procure some for our party. Wine was duly breached as the sun crept over Terry’s arm. After several ham sandwiches and a goodly portion of wine we duly arrived at our destination and were admitted to the York exhibition.

The exhibition was a good mix of layouts, traders and demonstrations. Various old friends were bumped into over several floors and excessive amounts of good Liverpool cash was thrown about by Peter for a loco called a Flugzug. However, other members were more circumspect in their spending. Lunch was partaken on the balcony looking over the race course, where several more portions of wine were imbibed along with heaped plates of food. Afternoon viewings of the exhibition continued until it was time to depart for home. Laden with purchases we accomplished this feat aided by more food and wine.'
Many thanks to Hilary for the catering at this event.