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Norman Jackson 1936–2011

Norman is pictured here aboard a train at Porthmadog Harbour Station in August 2011, enjoying a number of his loves – railways, company, and jazz – of course, accompanied by a pint of mild.
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Norman Jackson joined Southport MRS during the 1980s as a committed N gauge modeller and was heavily involved in the construction of Dulverton, the club’s then flagship N gauge layout. He is seen here overseeing operations at one of our shows in about 1988. In 1995, he took up the reins of exhibition manager for the club, a post which he carried out with enthusiasm, professionalism and (as always with Norman), humour.

Norman was by this time a painter and decorator, mostly on new build houses, having been a car salesman after he left the RAF where he did his National Service as a cook. So he was used to building site conditions and helped in the refurbishment of Portland Street; he also worked for some of the members and was rarely, if ever seen without his trademark pipe. Norman always had a wry observation to make on any situation, personal or political, and would often accompany this with his raucous laugh.
As exhibition manager he built up intensely personal relationships with the exhibitors and traders and was very well-known and popular in the wider model railway world. Unfortunately, the quick-onset blindness which had forced him to retire and give up driving eventually forced him also to resign as exhibition manager after five successful years of running the exhibitions. Norman also had to give up N gauge and re-equipped himself with G gauge models and joined the Southport Model Engineering Society which met just yards from his home in Weld Road, and where he was often to be seen, rain and shine. Twice a week he went swimming with his lifelong friend Keith and normally swam backwards, taking delight in excusing himself when he bumped into other swimmers by explaining that he would bump into them whichever way he was swimming as he was blind anyway!

Norman never let things drag him down and took up new pastimes – so alternate Sundays saw him rambling with a walkers club throughout the year, supplemented by train trips around the north of England and Wales on rail rover tickets. Most evenings he visited the Fisherman’s Rest for refreshment and company and never had any difficulty getting off to sleep each evening, assisted as he was by a small nightcap of whisky.

Despite his blindness (he used to sign “Blind Norman” on his Christmas cards), Norman seemed to have no difficulty spotting a well-endowed young lady across a crowded room, and on one memorable occasion he was spotted very well-oiled having a conversation with a suit of armour at a party in a member’s house.

Norman had an especial liking for jazz of the traditional variety and SMRS member Jim Ford and his wife Fiona arranged for him to join them on a short holiday in Porthmadog during August 2011. The photo was taken whilst waiting for the Jazz train to depart from Harbour station. The following day, the party went by the morning WHR train to Nantmor and walked through the Aberglaslyn pass by the 'iron way' to Beddgelert for morning coffee and cake. A meal and a fresh pint of mild in the 'Black Boy' at Caernarfon completed a delightful weekend for all concerned, which sadly turned out to be Norman’s last holiday.