A difficulty encountered today with operating Tri-ang Railways models is finding suitable track on which to run the models. Whilst all Tri-ang models will run perfectly on Standard, Series 3 and Super 4 Code 150 track, which of course is what they were designed to do, some difficulty may be encountered with running through the present day Code 100 track and especially the points.

Tri-ang Railways models of the 1950's tend to have very deep flanges therefore they will not readily pass through the frog or vee of present day points. Without resorting to grinding down the flanges there is no simple solution to this problem. However with 1960's and later models there is a simple solution to getting your trains running through Peco Code 100 Streamline or Set-track points.

With the models of the 1960's onwards with a smaller profile flange, the problem of stalling on the points is not caused by the depth of the flange but the back to back setting of the wheelset. Generally the non powered wheelsets are not a problem but with the driving wheels on power bogies, these tend to be set too close and will jam between the point frog or vee and the check rail. The solution to this problem is quite straightforward.

Place the wheelset in a vice and support the wheelset with pieces of metal. Gently tap the axle with a punch or similar tool easing the wheel outward on the axle. After a gentle tap remove the wheelset from the vice and test the wheelset on a Peco point. Repeat this procedure until you are sure there is reasonable free play between the wheelset and point allowing unobstructed passage. Do not use excessive force on the hammer as you do not want the wheel coming off the axle. By using this trial and error approach the wheelset will be able to pass through Peco Code 100 points freely and still run on all types of Tri-ang and Hornby proprietary track. The example has X117 knurled wheels as fitted to an X3121 power bogie as used on the Blue Pullman and Met Cam diesel multiple unit. This procedure may be applied to any model though.