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My latest project is a Baguley-Drewry 009 kit produced by Narrow Planet (ref no NPL-001) and represents a design of diesel locomotive built by Baguley-Drewry in the 1980s for use at Royal Naval Armaments Depot (RNAD) sites around the UK.

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Two types of similar 2'6" gauge locos were built for the RNAD, the 99hp version, as represented here, and a smaller 60hp design which Narrow Planet intend to produce as a separate kit later. They are both of a four-wheeled diesel hydraulic layout with a large cab offering good visibility.
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Following rationalisation of RNAD installations, disposal sales have resulted in many of these locos finding new homes at preserved railways around the country. Notable locations of the 99hp design include Whipsnade Zoo, the Statfold Barn Railway and the Talyllyn Railway. In the latter case the locos are intended to be regauged, with modifications to the cabs required to suit the Talyllyn loading gauge.
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The kit is a mixed-media combination of a 3D printed body shell and etched nickel-silver detailing. A Kato N-gauge 11-104 chassis (more commonly referred to in 009 circles as the 'tram' chassis) is required to complete the model and can be fitted with minimal modifications.
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The objective of the kit's design was to offer a simple-to-construct body, taking advantage of the fast pace of development in 3D printing technology, whilst retaining the level and fidelity of detail expected by today's narrow gauge modellers. It can be constructed with simple tools and superglue, no soldered assembly of the metal parts is required.

The kit retails at £30 and was one of the easiest kits I have built.

Mike Sharples