Married life always starts out the same way – it’s all romance and roses, kissing and cuddles – barely able to be parted from our beloved for more than a few desperate moments. However, for some of us (and we have yet to decide whether we are the less, or more fortunate) this blissful honeymoon period makes way for something else. This something sneaks up on us like a cat on an unsuspecting sparrow. It begins innocently enough, hints being dropped randomly into conversation, magazines left surreptitiously on the coffee table, vague references to this event or that ... their expertly veiled, hidden obsession delicately prodding at your conscience like a child picking at a scab.

Pick.... Pick..... Pick.... Until... before you know it the scab has gone and the full-force of this unstoppable, all-consuming passion has lurched out at you and grabbed you by the throat. You know just by the look on their face that they’ve gone over to the dark side – the lights are on but the brain has wandered off. Wandered to a place where it can calculate the rake needed to scale a miniature mountain, a place where getting steamy has more to do with cogs and wheels than it does skin and satin, a place where shunting, fiddle yards, weathering and coal have oozed into the space previously reserved for emotion, attraction, amore and other such ephemeral things.

I’m afraid that from there on, the prognosis is not good - once this sickness takes hold there is no cure, no respite and no remission. All you can do is fling yourself martyr-like onto the altar of their new religion – completely, whole-heartedly and without regret .. and jolly-well join in! Before you know it you’ll find yourself chasing the 15-Guinea Special across the country, or absent-mindedly designing a loco-shed on your coffee break, or maybe volunteering at a heritage railway on your day off ... and having a chuffin’ marvellous time together in the process!

So, mourn for me not – because the Railway Widow lives a life re-born, a life of diesel, steam, companionship and an eternal shared passion. Toot toot!