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Points of view
Now we have the trains running properly and the points installed it is time to think about being able to control the points (track switches) remotely. The simplest way is using the well proven wire-in-tube method, and on some layouts this method of control is perfectly adequate. However if your layout is a bit larger then we really need something a bit more convenient for you to operate all your points.

As is usually the case, there is no single correct or best way to achieve remote point operation. There is the choice of solenoid or motor driven systems.

Fig.1. Lever switch or push button point operation, two wires plus common to each point.

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Normally for solenoid operation three wires are required from a passing contact lever switch, or two push buttons to each point. If you have read the article about common return you will know that this can be reduced to two wires plus one common return for all the points on your layout. The wiring may even be reduced to one wire to each point plus one common return, but this involves a little more financial expense as a capacitor and a change over switch, not a passing contact switch, are required. As usual, the diagrams will explain the principle much more clearly than text ever can.

Fig.2 Single changeover switch point operation, one wire plus common to each point.